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          GEEO Automotive is an international automotive engineering services company which provides vehicle engineering, show car design and build, and prototype fabrication services to automotive OEM and Tier supplier companies.
           The company provides a broad range of vehicle engineering services with the emphasis in the entire process of vehicle design and development, engineering and certification support for the exportation of domestic passenger cars to Europe and the United States, prototypes and show car manufacturing. It has recently added vehicle road testing and vehicle kit modifications to its product portfolio. Its customers include many of the global automotive companies, although it primarily serves US companies expanding operations in China, and Chinese companies beginning operations in America.
           The company has been operating in China for over 15 years and has grown into a leading R&D provider for the Chinese automotive industry. GEEO Automotive partners with a number of other industry suppliers, and has strategic partnerships with Roush Engineering, the largest US independent automotive engineering provider, and GFG,the famous Italian design company. It’s technical center with total building area more than 50,000 square meters is strategically located in the core R&D area of Shanghai Anting International Auto City next to R&D technology harbor, SVW, NIO, SAIC, etc.
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